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1. Analyze the value proposition for a Startup or Business

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I am a vibrant local with expert knowledge on this beautiful niche.

I’ve regularly travelled along with other nomads across the world and understand that digital nomads require tailored expert support.

My local network is vast and comprises of the best entrepreneurs and angel investors. Lawyers and accountants.

It is my passion to help entrepreneurs launch and scale big ideas from a small island in the Mediterranean.

Get in touch to start building relationships that cross borders and last a lifetime.

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5 startups before 25

Looking back, I had an enterprising mind from an early age. I remember burning copies of GTA Vice City on CD-R disks and selling them to my peers in junior school. At 19 years old I launched my first startup. In a few weeks, I turn 25 – a quarter of a century. So far, I have launched and ran five startups.

I never studied business, accounts or management until recently. As a Pharmaceutical Technology graduate, I had to learn accounts, taxes and all the bells and whistles that come with being a startup founder. This was exhilarating and gave me a sandbox to develop new skills that are relevant and vital to a modern day entrepreneur – no matter the industry.

My first startup was Malta Pub Crawl, which was turning over 80k per year by 2019, and I was netting 15k in my pocket for just four months of “work”. I say work in quotation marks, because while the marketing and sales may have been a hard grind, the nightlife and entertainment sector is extremely fun to work in for a 20-something year old. Malta Pub Crawl was a success – it paid for my travel, drinks, food and activities throughout my time at University.

My success started to get noticed by my social circle. While studying for a masters in creativity and innovation, a long-time friend asked me to help him take his idea to market. At first I said no – I was too busy and didn't need more on my plate. But Andrew eventually convinced me, and in six months we took his idea from concept to reality.

Not knowing anything about wine, I co-founded my second startup: a wine subscription company. It became a success, and after just over a year and thousands of wine bottles delivered to customers, it was my time to leave the business. Andrew now double downed on his wine education and employed a wine consultant to help him. As a talented and strategic marketer, rebranding Vinotyp from Winebox Inc., he is going from strength to strength.

Mid-way through 2020, I burnt out. As an extrovert I get my energy and endurance from people to people interactions, I couldn't take the isolation any longer. Without any projects to work on, I was struggling to breathe.

But besides being a naturally lucky person, I also create my own luck. By the end of 2020 I was scouring the internet for my next opportunity. I vowed to myself: no matter what COVID does, 2021 will be productive.

Two years prior I had written a proposal to the Maltese government regarding digital nomads, startups and investment migration. I came across government announcements that stated it finally got approval, and startup and digital nomad visas would become reality in the near future.
In an instant I had a vision to provide services for digital nomads and startups that wish to set up shop in Malta. I registered the domains I needed, and I created the first version of in a single sprint from 9am to 5am the next morning. My mind and body were so ecstatic that I simply couldn’t step away from the laptop.

I did the same for and was satisfied with what I had created. At this point, I figured I would wait for the government to release the actual policy before investing more time in the concept.

So I started dreaming again. I pictured myself in ten years from now, and decided I wanted to create a brand that would stand the test of time. Unlike everything I had previously done, I went the opposite of niche.

I was still desperately missing meeting with people and reminisced on the entrepreneurial meetups I used to organise pre-COVID. That’s how I decided I wanted to start a podcast. It was my excuse to meet up with entrepreneurs and people I admire, for an hour of brain-picking and curiosity let loose.

If COVID did anything positive it was bringing back my long-time friend Chris, a master music producer who is in Malta only because London is shut down. With his help, I found an amazing studio and had the support to record the kickass web series: “Fuck Ups & Success”, under the brand name Negozju.

In the meantime, the nomad and startup services had already started receiving customers. I was shocked that operations were starting before the government even announced that nomad and startup visas would come into law. So I told customers this would be coming in the near future, and meanwhile I helped them out with other legal and accounting services that I sub-contract.

With free time still on my hands, I got back into reading about blockchain. Back in 2017 I had earned thousands and lost thousands investing in crypto, and I was very impressed with how far the industry had come in just three years.

That’s when I discovered Decentraland and the concept of Virtual Real Estate. Decentraland is an open world where users, companies and organisations can build and design virtual buildings and experiences that can earn them revenue. This can happen through advertising, experiences for users, displaying and selling artwork and many more creative ways that have not been thought of yet. It is all based on the blockchain and cryptocurrency MANA.

I remembered a story I once heard, that said: “If you want to make money, don’t invest in oil. Invest in the ships that carry the oil.”

So I came up with, an architectural company for the metaverse that services landowners of Decentraland. We build virtual experiences and buildings with creativity and user experience at the heart of it. I will lead a team of 3D designers and animators to create the most extraordinary projects on Decentraland that are aimed to look pretty and providing a return of investment for the property owners.

I was a science kid at school and I grew up enamoured by biotech and space. As I grow older, I hope to shift my entrepreneurial abilities towards the Stem Cell industry and beyond.